Maintaining sexual health

A healthy body is a healthy mind, and it’s true the other way round. A healthy mind makes a better functioning body. Mental wellbeing is a prerequisite for having a healthy sex life, so it’s part of being healthy.


Sexuality is part of our everyday lives even if society treats it as a taboo subject. It is something we should and should talk about if we want to reduce the problems it causes for adults and young people.

What exactly is sexuality?

Of course, it cannot be reduced to a relationship, although it must be acknowledged that it is closely linked to the functioning and quality of that relationship. Sexuality encompasses all the individual and social aspects of sexuality and the physical and psychological processes associated with it. It is partly influenced by learned behaviour, psychosocial and sociocultural patterns.

What is sexual health?

Sexual health is the physical, emotional, mental and social well-being experienced in the area of sexuality. It is important to develop and protect it, which is why it is linked to rights that everyone should have.

Elements of sexual health:

  • pleasurable and safe sexual experiences,
  • the correct use of morality and control in sexuality,
  • freedom from fear, shame, guilt and prejudice in sexual behaviour,
  • freedom from sexual diseases, disorders, deficiencies.

Sexual health at risk

Both physical and psychological factors can cause sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can affect desire, sexual arousal and orgasm. Inexplicably, sexual dysfunction can accompany some people throughout their lives, even though they could get rid of it with the help of a sexual psychologist. Some people suffer from sexual pain, others are unable to experience sexual desire and orgasm without distress.

A sexual psychologist provides support to help you solve problems in your sex life and the personal relationships that go with it. He or she has the experience to recognise psychological problems that could worsen over time and lead to unhealthy sexual behaviour. He can be relied upon to provide preparation and education for sexual life and can also be called upon to help achieve and maintain healthy and balanced relationship and psychosexual functioning.

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