The Amazing Spider-man 2

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Electro needs hugs

By Tiffany Wiley

Contributing Writer

The “Amazing Spider-Man 2” came out May 2 and soared high above all contenders in weekend box office reports. Speculation on the success of the quick reboot of the franchise was questionable when the first movie came out in 2012. However, audiences have shown that the franchise is still popular and entertaining.

This film had a lot going on in it and, in my opinion, was a builder movie. What I mean by this is that it is definitely building toward the next movie, or maybe even next few movies if the franchise stays popular.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone once again return to the screen to play Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy as the magical couple. Do not forget the down-to-earth Aunt May, played by Sally Field. On the opposite side of the coin, we have the misunderstood Electro/Max, played by Jamie Foxx, and Green Goblin/Harry Osborn, played by Dane DeHaan. The list of solid performers is too long to note here, but audiences seemed to appreciate each character on the big screen.

There were a quite a lot of people bashing on this film as being too long, and to tell you the truth, it actually was quite long. However, I felt like it held my interest the entire time. This actually might be because I like comic book movies. What I really liked was that they took more of the comic book essence and incorporated it into the film.

Unlike the first Spider-Man trilogy, “The Amazing Spider-Man” followed the comic a lot more closely. There are of course some differences, but that’s likely so that they can build up to the next part of the franchise.

For those not up to date or who haven’t read the comic before, Gwen Stacy was actually Peter’s first love in the original comic book. Also, the way the movie concluded is similar to the way the story in the comic unfolded. Another compelling part of the story was audiences could see the human thought process that went into the decisions each character made.

I know everyone wants to cheer for the good guy, but who is really the bad guy in this film? Most of the “bad guys” are just characters that are lacking somewhere and just need something. Some of these bad guys I found myself wanting to root for. Can Electro please just get a hug from someone?

If you have seen the first Spider-Man trilogy and have seen the first “The Amazing Spider-man,” then definitely give this a look. It’s interesting to compare the different directors’ styles and the different actors’ portrayal of each character. And if you’ve seen the others, you might as well see this one too!

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