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What do you want to see in our interm president or our new president?


Freshman; Kendra Johnson: “I want more free pizza.”

Sophomore; Anna Linn: “More likely to help with students who are coming into the school and show that there is someone that they can go to get help, other than their instructors, if they are having an issue with instructors and everything that is happening and be able to actually help instead of burden us students and be counted on to be there.”

Junior; Philip Gravatt: “I want to see a president next year that talks more about the truth and gives more positive notes and overlooking the negatives. We hear a lot of these negatives going around the school and a good president, I think, would speak up more about these and give his honest opinion that he believes the school has more potential than what is going on around currently.”

Junior; Steven Stanford: “More support for the arts in the school; like music, theater and all the arts.”

Sophomore; Sam Fickel: “When I meet up with Bob on campus, he’s personable and social. I’d like the new president to have to be willing to go out and meet the students. I loved being able to do that with Bob. From what I’ve heard, Bob is really not showy, he’s a great face for the university but behind the scenes, he’s not as adept, is what I’ve heard. But with Jay coming in, I’ve noticed his credentials and I know that he will be able to take the university to success with his financial background especially. So with that in mind, I know that he will do a good job behind the scenes but I’d like to see him come out and be as personable with as Bob as possible.”

Freshman; Maria Stadler: “I want to see a more cohesive plan, I guess. Because I know what the doing is doing-I’ve heard the rumors and everything- but what I want to see is people in all branches of the administration working together more. I want a more cohesive plan, not just a ‘someone’s getting fired here’ or ‘cuts across the board to stuff.’ I want specifics.”

Sophomore; Jacob Johnston: “I want there to be results, I want EOU to stay EOU and not become anything less.”

Junior; Emina Olcott: “I want to see more community involvement. Like, if we actually had the people come in from within the local community and contribute to the school; maybe we wouldn’t be having so many financial difficulties. Because, I know this is a school, but it is the only school within a reasonable distance for a lot of the smaller towns, because aside from EOU you have to go out 3-4 hours, maybe even to Portland. It’s not fair to the smaller schools to have to go all the way out, because EOU is a wonderful place. EOU has been here for quite a while and it would be quite a disappointment to see it be gone.”

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