Into the Liger’s den

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By Courtney Millsap

Advertising Manager

Throughout this last year, I have found the majority of students at EOU to be both apathetic and ignorant when it comes to the university management and financial affairs, until it hits them personally. So, I guess, I would classify them as selfish as well.

Selfishness and ignorance are byproducts of apathy. The opposite of that could also be argued, that the apathy is a product of a generation that was raised to be both selfish and ignorant. Or, maybe, that is just the people who decide to attend EOU. I am not quite sure. However, I know that all three of these factors are playing into the student community of EOU.

With the recent release of the sustainability plan draft, the apathy has fallen away a little bit. However, there is still no action, just a lot of talk. Recently, I saw an article on a similar situation in Maine. However, there is one big difference: students in Maine took a stand. Instead of just allowing their provost to give pink slips to their faculty, they staged a sit-in. Where is the action at EOU? Why are the students, the key stakeholders at EOU, doing nothing, except complaining amongst themselves?

Another thing that has come out within the EOU student population, with the release of the sustainability plan, is that some students at EOU are overwhelmingly selfish. Overall, I am only seeing students worried about their own department, and not the overall picture of what this plan could mean. Students are overwhelmingly upset about their program and want to save the jobs in their program, but do not realize, or care, that there are other people all over campus losing their jobs and having their programs cut as well.

Sure, when the plan first came out, I was more interested in seeing what they were doing to my favorite departments; however, I looked at the whole thing, and saw the big picture. Concentrations are being cut all across the board, along with jobs. I do not want to see people in any department lose their job. I do not want to see any potential student lose out on a concentration or a class or even a degree. I want everyone to be safe, but that cannot happen.

It is this defeat, and everyone else’s lack of actions, that have me falling closer and closer to the apathetic and selfish world it seems like majority of students are in here at EOU. I want to see students turn to action. I do not want to see complaints all over Facebook but nowhere else.

Take action! Attend a forum. Talk to President Davies, Provost Adkison, Interim President Kenton, or Interim Provost Witte, in person or via email. Voice your concerns with ASEOU President Evan Bryan. Write a letter to The Voice.

Speak up. Do something. Otherwise, there is no room to complain when the final draft comes out.

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