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Hall of memories

By Aimee Kidrick

News & Features Editor

Things always end. Graduation is approaching for many here at EOU. Our president is leaving. Classes and teaching positions are being cut. Hunt Hall is on its last days; after summer term, it’s apparently being shut down for good. In my three years of being here, I’ve never felt such a gloomy and confused atmosphere around campus.

Things always change, though. Hunt Hall is far from the first building here to face closure. When I was interviewing Bob Davies for the newspaper, I learned about Dorion Hall. Plenty of students lived there in the past, before it was torn down, anyway. I found quite a few pictures online of the building from earlier decades. In 1958, Dorion Hall looked clean and newly built!

Of course, it wasn’t just the building itself that I observed. Seeing students hanging around and studying inside the building was pretty striking as well. People really once lived there even though little to nothing remains of the building now. It was torn down sometime in 2010, a year before I started here.

Alikut opened in 1997. Both North and Daugherty opened around 2005. In fact, a lot of the students who first lived in North and Daugherty came from Dorion. But Hunt Hall is even older than Dorion, originating in 1939. And, like Dorion, it will be shut down and eventually imploded. I can’t really imagine passing by where Hunt Hall is now and only seeing pavement. I lived in Hunt Hall my first year here and made quite a few amazing memories there. I can only wonder what some former residents of Dorion thought when their old building was destroyed.

I’ve heard rumors about new residence halls being built in the future, such as one being built where Hunt Hall is now. Maybe a new hall will be built around where Dorion Hall used to be. In 30 years, perhaps Alikut Hall will be facing closure while other, newer halls exist. Maybe this college won’t even be here anymore. Or maybe it will be, but not as a college. The future can be a difficult thing to predict.

Things never stay the same. Most people change even a little while in college. I know I’ve changed a lot. But I plan to never forget the people I’ve met here and the buildings I’ve stayed in. Even places like Inlow and Loso will be gone someday. Loso, with its Learning Center and the Green Room and the Computer Labs, has been as much of a home to me as Hunt and Alikut have.

I might be graduating soon, but for those of you who remain here for several more years to come (unless you transfer, I suppose), continue to fight for what you believe in. If your major is under the threat of being cut, do not stay silent. Fight for it. However, don’t let yourself be completely lost to anger and resentment towards the college. Enjoy the time you have doing what you love, and don’t forget the memories you make wherever you go.

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