ASEOU elections: May 12-16 via Webster

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Candidate statements (via ASEOU on Orgsync)

Candidates for President

Evan Bryan – When I first ran for ASEOU President in 2013, I wanted to make sure that students were represented not only on campus, but also in the Oregon State Capitol. By following through on that promise, I worked with my colleagues in the Oregon Student Association and across the state to have no tuition increases for the 2014-2015 academic school year. I also represented students during the university governance discussion and made sure that EOU did not become a branch campus of another institution.  In looking back at my first term, it is clear that many accomplishments were made by working together with my colleagues in ASEOU and with the Oregon Student Association. These are challenging times for higher education in Oregon and for EOU. That is why I’ve decided to file for re-election as ASEOU President.

If re-elected, I will continue to represent students on campus and in the Oregon State Capitol. I currently serve on several campus committees including Budget and Planning, University Council, and the Student Fee Committee. My main goal if re-elected is to work with my colleagues from Oregon’s other state universities to advocate for additional funding for our universities and make sure that it is invested directly into the classroom. Higher education in Oregon is simply overlooked when funding is allocated and that is not providing Oregonians with a sustainable and high quality education.  Secondly, I recognize that EOU is entering some testing times. With our president and provost leaving, students need to have someone in office that they know and trust. By running for re-election, I’m going to continue to get results for the students of Eastern Oregon University and provide some stability during this time of transition.

The decisions that will be made during the coming months will affect EOU for many years to come. This would be a difficult time for new leadership in ASEOU and with my experience, I will be able to start my second term on day one using the knowledge I’ve gained from the previous year. I’m encouraged by the support from friends and colleagues around campus who support my re-election. It is clear, based on their support, that my first term as ASEOU President generated much progress and had some great results for EOU students. If I win re-election, the upcoming (presidential) term will be my last one. I’m confident that with the knowledge I’ve gained over the last two years as an executive in student government, students will be well-represented once again.

Philip Sebastani - My name is Philip Sebastiani. I want to run for ASEOU President because of my experience working with clubs, the Multicultural Center, Oregon Students of Color Coalition, the Ambassador Program and ASEOU on campus.  I believe that my involvement over the past three years has shaped my unique perspective on campus functionality, the ambitions of every student at EOU and the role a president should play for their campus community.

As president, I will aim to create a cohesive student body because I believe if students are enthusiastic and passionate about their university, a close-knit community can form and students will gain memorable experiences. I plan to prioritize more diversity education and trainings on campus by advocating for the entire student body regardless of social background. So, when students choose to attend EOU, it is not just because of their degree they stay for, but an inclusive environment built on a long-lasting foundation of school spirit and pride. This can be accomplished by partnering with more student clubs and organizations to better serve students.

I plan to create additional campus-wide events and be personally engaged across the entire student body, so that I know students on a more personal level individually. I am very dedicated and love this university. Eastern Oregon University has been a great place for me to develop as a leader and I want to ensure that each student has the same opportunity. I believe a vote for ME, is a vote for YOU, vote Philip Sebastiani to represent YOU!

Tel Winegar - No platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014


Candidates for Senator

Kuzivakwashe KambashaCampaign Slogan: The girl with a smile who’s willing to go the extra mile… for YOU!

My name is Kuzi Kambasha and I am an international student from Harare, Zimbabwe. I am a 4th-year student here at Eastern Oregon University and my major is molecular biology with a minor in chemistry and psychology. I have been able to contribute to the campus through my active participation in different clubs and organizations, such as International Students Association, Chemistry Club, SCMA, First Year Experience Peer Leader Program as well as the Ambassador program. I also currently work at the Testing Center, Disabilities Services and the Learning Center. I get to interact with students who are both online and on-campus on a daily basis.

Applying to be an ASEOU Senator is not to benefit myself, but to be the voice for international students and online students and bring their concerns to the table. I want to make the communication between the students and the people who need to hear it that much easier. I am willing to do anything possible to support the students and organizations to enhance the University as a whole.

I will strive to be selfless and mindful of the interests of the students I will represent and execute my duties to be an approachable and open-minded representative of the entire student body. I am looking for your support so that I can fulfil my goal to provide my fellow students the opportunity to have the most enjoyable collage experience as possible. I appreciate your support so far and I humbly ask for your vote on May 12-16, 2014.

Patricia TaylorMy name is Patricia Taylor and I am running for a Senate position on ASEOU. I am currently a sophomore here at Eastern and have been widely involved throughout the campus. In addition to serving as an ASEOU Adjudicator my freshman year and currently serving as the Office Assistant for ASEOU, I am involved with IT, residence life, the Hoke Advisory Board and I am also a tutor.

The previous positions I have held in ASEOU were positions where my job was to observe. However, now that I am educated in how ASEOU works, I am ready to have a voice in order to represent the students. I will represent the students as a whole with no personal agenda. The students pay the money to attend this school, so their voice should be louder than everyone’s. I understand the various student needs through my involvement on campus, and one goal that I have for ASEOU is to have a strong campus-wide recycling program that is actually used. I am ready to serve the students and represent the people who make this institution possible.

Dakota OlsonMy name is Dakota Olson and I’m currently a junior majoring in sociology and minoring in business and military science. I have served in the Oregon National Guard for about 5 years with a 9 month deployment to Iraq. I have been an active participant in EOU Reserved Officer Training Corps for three years and am currently working on becoming an aviation officer in the military. I’ve been on the Cheer and Dance team for three years and am the captain of the dance team.

Through these programs I have been very active in the community and with campus events. I have also served a short term as Senator for ASEOU. I wasn’t given the opportunity to accomplish much but had the opportunity to get a feel for the responsibilities of the position.

I have some things I would personally like to see changed, but the most important thing as a Senator is listening to the concerns and opinions of the student body. There are things I won’t see that others might be concerned with and want to see changed. I’ll do my best, as Senator, to be that voice and to ensure that the changes the students want to see get heard and accomplished.

Emily Mery“The Caring Voice that Students Deserve”

I am campaigning for this position because I feel that I can help students have a voice in their education and the place that they will spend on average of four years at. Their voice is important because the students are what make up a university and keep it going.

My experience includes first of all being a student for three years here at Eastern Oregon University. I was a Hall Representative for the Resident Hall Association for one year and a Resident Assistant for almost two years. In the beginning of spring term, I was appointed to be a senator for the term, so I know how being a senator works and how important it is.

Some issues that I want to address are low enrollment, budget cuts and student involvement. From my experience both as a student and as a Resident Assistant, I feel that these are issues that students care about. I will talk and listen to residents that have issues and questions. I will make sure to let the student’s voices get heard. If I am elected I would also like to encourage students to attend ASEOU Senate meetings.

Adam BeseNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Addie BeplateHey Eastern, my name is Addie Beplate and I would love to be given the opportunity to represent you as a future ASEOU Student Senator. Even though I am new to our university, I already consider myself at home.

Eastern has allowed for me to accomplish my goal of being a student-athlete, create lifelong friendships with my teammates and fellow students, learn something new on a daily basis and make everlasting memories.

This campus and its community that embody the Mountaineer spirit have given me much more than I could have anticipated and I feel it is my time to give back. Though most of my year was devoted to the soccer program, I am ready to expand my horizons this coming school year.    My experience as a teammate instilled the proper techniques needed in working alongside others towards a common goal, even when those involved have different tactics or talents. As a Mountaineer athlete, I take pride in Eastern’s accomplishments. With that said, if I were given the honor to serve as Senator, my priority would be for students to view me as an approachable figure with a loud voice on campus. As Nelson Mandela once said, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front,” and I hope to follow his advice and inspire students to look to me for guidance.

I truly believe that the most effective way for me to represent this institution would be to first listen to both the student body and faculty’s needs. I would then look to champion their ideas and bring forth methods of accomplishing them. I ultimately wish to represent a liaison between our athletic department and the rest of the student body and find innovative ways to deal with budget issues that affect both parties.

Stefani Sorenson No platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Bobbi Sumpter No platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Maloree MossNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Miranda GathrightNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Kasandra FreemanNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Jace BillingsleyNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

Zach BartlowNo platform statement submitted as of May 6, 2014

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