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Dystopian with a twist

By Kendra johnson

Contributing Writer

“Divergent,” a young-adult novel written by a brand new up and coming author named Veronica Roth, was quickly snapped up for a movie adaptation by Summit Entertainment Red Wagon Entertainment, the same production companies that brought us the Twilight saga.

In tune with the mega-hit Hunger Games series, this film features a dystopian world with a strong, and dare I say brave, female lead. Her name is Tris Prior and she is played by the Golden Globe nominated actress Shailene Woodley.

The supporting cast in this film is brilliant as well with Theo James as the obligatory love interest, and Zoe Kravitz (yes, that Kravitz), as the best friend who has some of the best lines.

“Divergent” takes place in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, with a very unique government system where the citizens are divided into five separate Factions. The Factions are the Abnegation, the selfless; Amity, the kind; Candor, the honest; Dauntless, the brave; and Erudite, the intelligent.

Each year, all of the sixteen year olds receive an aptitude test which is supposed to help them decide which Faction to choose at the upcoming and aptly named “Choosing Ceremony.” A child can deviate from their birth faction, and even their aptitude test by choosing a completely different Faction to join. But, once the decision has been made, there is no going back; “Faction before blood” is the motto in this world.

Tris was born Abnegation, but, due to complications with the aptitude test, she finds herself with a not so easy decision to make. Should she stay with her birth Faction, or choose differently? And if she does, what kind of repercussions will this young initiate face?

Divergent is an action-packed movie for all ages with a lot a heart. People who have read the books have said they enjoyed it. I know I did, possibly due to the fact that Veronica Roth is credited as a producer and made a brief, but none-the-less exciting cameo. It is also easy to follow and just as enjoyable if you haven’t read the books. I highly recommend both this movie and the series of novels.

The next movie in the series, “Insurgent,” is due out in 2015 followed by the third installment, “Allegiant,” in 2016.

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