Guest student editorial:Green dream-recycling

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By Kendra Johnson

Recycling seems like a good idea. Heck, it is a good idea. So why isn’t Eastern Oregon University doing more, you know, recycling?

At my previous university, each resident hall had at least a few of those synonymous blue plastic bins for the collection of metal cans, plastics ranging from bottles to bags, and glass. I live on campus and yes, I have taken a look in all four resident’s halls to see what they’re working with. My verdict: nothing.

Even in the various buildings on campus, all they have are those flimsy burlap sacks that blend into the walls for the collection of paper. Some classrooms I’ve noticed have little collection boxes, usually in the form of a cardboard box, that someone’s discarded a few slips of paper in. Really EOU? Is this the best we can do? I honestly think we can do better.

After asking about starting up some sort of recycling “club” and being abruptly shut down, my roommates and I have decided to, at the very least, do our part when it comes to going green by recycling the majority of our waste. About once a week, we take our collection of bottles, papers, and tin cans down to the recycling center on McAlister Street. It’s a quick trip (especially when a car is involved) and it’s easy to do.

My point is, more students can and should take it upon themselves to recycle at least some of their waste. Recycling is good for the environment, completely painless and rewarding in more ways than one. I know Walmart has an area where you can recycle certain waste, usually bottles or cans, and get money back. Let’s face it: when you’re in college, every little bit helps. So the next time you’re about to throw away a plastic bottle, or an empty can, at least think about recycling it instead. Who knows? You might actually do it.

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