Gardening thoughts: EOU Garden Club

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By Aimee Kidrick

News & Features Editor

Around a dozen people in the EOU Garden Club met on Nov 7 in Hoke 304. Most of the attendants are working towards or have a major or minor in agriculture, but all attendants shared an interest in gardening.

“I like to see plants grow. It’s what I do,” said Austin Hawks, a crop science teacher at EOU.

The president of the club, Shawn McKay, discussed the Food for Thought Garden Project with the attendants. The project was conceived by Mary Kolbwhen she was working on other projects last year.

“I live over in Baker and started my classes online and my senior project, and I just kind of handed it out,” said Kolb at the meeting.

The goals of the garden project match with the goals listed in the club’s mission statement, which are “to promote the sustainable production of healthy foods using available space through education and outreach to our campus and local community.”

The project has gained the support of several people on-campus, including EOU’s Director of Facilities and Planning, David Lageson.

Other matters discussed by the club included holding informal yet educational events, creating more classes involving agriculture and starting a column in this very newspaper about various issues involving gardening and agricultural science.

Discussion on the name of the club proved to be an intense topic, but the simplistic name of EOU Garden Club beat out the more complex name of Food for Thought Garden Club. A suggestion was made, however, that, should a column for gardening be started in The Voice, that its name be Food for Thought.

Although it has yet to finalize any mottos or column names, the club hopes to grow in membership and help the students of EOU learn more about the importance of agriculture.

For information on future meetings, check starting in winter term.

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