Evil Dead:The Musical-A bloody good time

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By Samantha O’Conner

Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Evil Dead: the Musical”, directed by Ken Bush, delivered whimsical and outrageous music paired with active and humorous dances. With suggestive jokes and over the top acting, cast members left their audiences howling with laughter.

With songs such as “Look Who’s Evil Now” and “Do the Necronomicon,” the cast delivered college Halloween humor.

“Evil Dead: the Musical” focused on the spring break get away for college student Ash and his friends to a secluded cabin in the woods. In the cabin, they find a recording with ancient words from the Book of the Dead recited by the owner of the cabin. After listening to the recording, things begin to pick up.

All of Ash’s friends join the legion of Candarian demons, who torment him with bad puns and chant “Join us! Join us!” incessantly. Amongst the Candarian demons were talking trees and a mounted moose head.

Along with the bad puns and music, bloody scenes left the audience laughing and hiding under clear ponchos.

“Do the Necronomicon:” It’s just like the Time Warp…only better.

The “blood”, a mixture of red food dye, liquid soap and other ingredients, repeatedly sprayed the audience, and not just the ones in the “splatter zone”. The first four to five rows in McKenzie Theatre were subject to the sprays of blood from the stage.

As Ash fights and beheads his former girlfriend, Linda, now also a Candarian demon, the cabin owner’s daughter, Annie, arrives. Instead of finding her father, she finds Ash amongst the blood-splattered floor and walls, missing his right hand.

When Annie’s boyfriend Ed, joins the army of the dead and is killed by Ash, she explains, through song, how the men in her life are all killed by Candarian demons. She too is subject to the bad puns of the demons and apparently rises from the dead herself to the demons’ most famous dance, “Do the Necronomicon,” that honors the Book of the Dead.

When the hoard of Candarian demons attack, Ash replaces his lost arm with a chainsaw and fights the dead. When all seems lost for the hero, the cabin owner’s daughter reads the text from the Book of the Dead, sending them back to their world.

This humor-filled musical left the audience laughing with one last spray of blood onto the front row.

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