What’s In A Name?

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By Aimee Kidrick

Future News & Features Editor



Many movies are considered examples of cinematic greatness. The original “Star Wars” trilogy, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, most of Pixar’s movies and (if you ask me) “Army of Darkness” are just some of these beloved films.

However, countless other films exist that sport lofty titles and promising plots, yet struggle to be remembered by many people. For example, “Epic”, a recent animated movie produced by Blue Sky Studios, is enjoyable to watch, but may end up largely forgotten in five years. Even so, it is a good film.

The film, loosely based on the book “The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs,” focuses on a girl named Mary Katherine, although she prefers to be called MK. While visiting her father, MK is shrunk into a world of the nature-loving Leafmen, small human-like beings who ride birds and protect their forest from the evil Boggans.

MK is given the responsibility of protecting a pod that will bloom into the successor to the queen of the forest. With the aid of two Leafmen who don’t get along, a wise-cracking slug and a polite snail, MK must keep the Boggans from taking the pod and causing the entire forest to rot.

Above all else, the visuals of the movie are stunning. Seeing the two Leafmen fight with the bat-riding Boggans in the sky is a magnificent sight; battles on the ground are even more impressive, with countless Boggans rushing through the forest while causing all the plants they step on to rot.  The various characters look impressive and stylistic; I was especially enamored with the designs of the flower people, especially one small girl who wishes she were the queen of the forest and able to control nature with her mind.

As much as I liked the characters, especially the father’s three-legged dog and the two primary Leafmen, the movie is cliché. The story, which is about the struggle between the forces of good and evil, feels rather barren.

Although the two sidekick characters, the slug and the snail, add humor to the story, many people will likely find them unnecessary, although I was charmed by the snail and his cowardly yet brave personality.

Also, MK and Nod, one of the Leafmen, end up showing signs of romance interest between each other. Not every female protagonist needs to be given a guy to fawn over; MK’s character development is mostly connected to her family, so romance between her and Nod really didn’t need to be in the movie.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed the movie; the story was easy to follow, the characters were great, the visuals were impressive and the ending was quite satisfying. The movie likely won’t be remembered as a cinematic masterpiece, but it does tell an interesting story that anyone can enjoy. Just make sure not to over-analyze cliché plot and character developments.

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