Steampunk Magician to Appear in Baker City

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By Samantha O’Conner

Future Arts & Entertainment Editor

Baker City is welcoming a magician to the Iron Gate Theater for performances by Professor Algernon in his World of Oddities and Wonders.


Scot Violette performs as Professor Algernon, a time traveling crypto-archeologist, (crypto meaning non-existent or legendary things) from Victorian Era London.  Yes, he is looking for nothing.


“If less is more, then nothing is everything,” Violette says.


Violette has performed as a professional magician for 25 years. He began as an assistant to Andre Kole, who taught him the craft of magic. Violette has based his show on the Steampunk theme and themes from the BBC program Doctor Who.


“Steampunks were always into the Victorian Era, science fiction and Doctor Who,” Violette said.


Steampunk is Victorian science fiction, with clockworks and steam-powered machines such as laptops that run on clockworks and steam-powered vehicles.


Violette has performed in different areas of the United States and Europe. His shows are held at different conventions, such as Comicon in San Diego, Utopiacon in Cincinnati and the Clockworks Alchemy Con in San Jose.


Professor Algernon travels through time and dimension to bring back many strange and wondrous items to his Baker City performances.


Performances are scheduled to be in the Iron Gate Theater located in the Basche-Sage Mall. Shows begin Friday June 21 through Sunday June 23 and Friday June 28 through Sunday June 30. Tickets are available online at

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