Bound To Earth

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By Aimee Kidrick

Future News & Features Editor


Hello, readers. Next year, I will be assuming the role of News and Features Editor at this newspaper.

I’m hoping I don’t completely suck at the job.

Having attended this college for two years now, I really love drawing, reading and getting to know people. I especially love writing stories, whether they’re fictional or based in reality.

Even though I’ve always been a good writer, I’ve only recently started to talk more with people. As a kid, I was extremely timid and had to have speech therapy until fourth grade. Even now, I struggle with looking at people, let alone opening my mouth, but I’m braver now.

People often say that I am weird. That’s perfectly understandable. I lug around a giant blue backpack all the time. I wear ridiculous hats (I think my blue cat hat is the one that people notice the most). I say words like “rad” and “bro.” Who wouldn’t think that I wasn’t weird?

What really matters, though, is the passion someone has for what they love to do in life. Unless they want to stab people or do something else harmful; those sorts of things are weird in the worst way.  I’ve always loved to write and tell meaningful stories, and I want to use that ability to improve the lives of other people.

With that said, I will do everything I can to make this newspaper enjoyable to readers. Sure, I may include some weird stuff in the newspaper, such as sketches of killer beavers, but I ultimately hope to inform readers about important and amusing events. I also hope that people continue to support the journalism program here at EOU.

One last warning: I am a bit of a nerd. Be prepared to fall asleep in a puddle of drool if I end up talking about something I really like.

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