Anobii Poetry: Nice To Meet You!

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By  Sam O’Conner

Future Arts & Entertainment Editor


Hello fellow EOU student-zombies! My name is Sam O’Conner and I am a new face amongst the editors of your favorite school paper.


My job titled is Arts/Entertainment Editor, meaning I edit stories involving art and entertainment, such as theater performances by our Theater Group.


I have been a writer ever since I first learned how to write and even before that, even if it was just squiggles. Journalism, poetry and creative writing are my forte.


As the Arts/Entertainment editor, I hope to report stories that you will enjoy. I also hope to become a better writer to achieve my personal goal of writing for a large newspaper.


This summer, I will be a magician’s assistant for Professor Algernon in his World of Oddities and Wonders. Do not ask me if I am going to be sawn in half. Come and see for yourself.


Aside from becoming a journalist for a newspaper, I am also in the center of my goal to become a published author of several fiction novels.


I entered a poetry contest and now I am one of the many amateur poets being published in a book called “In My Lifetime” by Ebber and Wein Publishing in New Freedom, PA.


I look forward to working for the Voice and hope you enjoy reading about EOU and local events we report for you!


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