From Junk To Art

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By Yurika Masuda

Contributing Writer

Wall of art. Photo by Yurika Masuda.

If you visit room Hoke 102 at EOU, the office of the Outdoor Program, note the new art on the walls.
Eight pieces of art made with old outdoor equipment, mostly from second-hand stores and the Outdoor Program, hang on the wall.
EOU students in advanced sculpture class spent weeks turning assigned junk into pieces of art.
“The theme was ‘taxidermy,’ and my idea was to give students opportunity to re-use old equipment that from the Outdoor Program and create something new,” said Jerry Issak, the Outdoor Program coordinator.
Each piece expresses creatures in nature such as fish, a goose duck, a bear, a turtle and a dragon.
“Paddlefish,” one of the pieces made by William Strong and Chris Law, has a canoe paddle as the body, hooks as a back fin, lures as a trunk and even a snap ring from a fishing pole as an eye.
The colorful paddle, in the shape of a fish, attracts visitors’ attention.
“We try to use fishing tools that are all related to fish,” William said.
Zaquarie Mendenhall and Philip Deenik created “Quiet Francis,” a Hungarian shovel-nosed battle turtle, made with bike chains, skis and a rafting helmet.

"Paddlefish". Photo by Yurika Masuda.

“We wanted to bring a sense of curiosity,” Mendenhall said.
Zora Parker and Tyler Rollins made “Draconis Uiperi,” a dragon with wings made with a red dry bag and a body made with a bike pump, cleats and a bike pedal.
“We had to buy new metals to make the bones of the wings but for everything else, we reused the tools from Outdoor Program,” Parker said.
Now the Outdoor Program office is decorated with wild life art created with something supposed to be thrown away.
“I loved the idea,” art professor Doug Kaigler said.  “I was excited about the idea that the students can actually cooperate with the Outdoor Program and add another layer to the art department.”

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