EOU Outdoor Program Seeks Musicians for Film Soundtrack

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The EOU Outdoor Program needs the help of students, alumni, staff/faculty (ideally in that order) to compile a soundtrack for a documentary film. If you or someone you know is a musician that might fill this role, read on and then send a sample of your music to Jerry Isaak!

At the end of April, a team of backcountry skiers (including students, staff and faculty at EOU, as well as community members from La Grande and Portland) recreated the first ski traverse of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, made in 1960 by a team of four men from Joseph and La Grande. The original ski traverse in 1960, made over 7-days from Wallowa Lake to Cornucopia, was unique not only for the successful feat of exploration through a remote alpine wilderness but because the group filmed their journey on over five-hundred feet of 16mm film.

The film footage from their expedition, which is about an hour in length, has recently been digitally re-mastered and, along with footage from the 2013 expedition and interviews with local backcountry skiers, will form part of the upcoming documentary film, “Winter in the Land of the Winding Waters: 50 Years of Backcountry Skiing in the Eagle Cap Wilderness”.

This film is being produced and directed by students from Eastern Oregon University, with assistance from EOU faculty and staff as well as generous support from community members throughout Wallowa, Union and Baker Counties. The film is projected to be completed by Fall of 2013 and will be submitted to film festivals throughout the United States. After the film has premiered locally and at film festivals, it will be made available for free online and through gifts of DVDs to the libraries in Wallowa, Union and Baker Counties.

“We are passionate about this project and fascinated by the story that has unfolded during our research. We invite you to watch a 5-minute preview of the film at,” Isaak said.

Contact Jerry Isaak at (541) 962-3621 or visit for more information.

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