KEOL Club Open House

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Baloo and Cookie Monster invade the HUB.

The KEOL Club held an open house on May 1 at the KEOL-FM studios. A steady stream of students and others went in and out the doors all day.

Many students are probably not aware that KEOL hosts two separate entities. One entity is KEOL-FM which is the DJs, staff, etc. The KEOL Club however, is really a booster club, or supporters of the radio station, says KEOL station manager Rocky Gothard.

For example, club members write the music reviews published by The Voice.” Gothard said that several people, including himself, have memberships in both entities.

The station receives 20-100 CDs a week of which the KEOL station staff has time to review only a few. Members of the KEOL club pick up the slack.

The station has access to over 15,000 CDs and 25,000 vinyl records. These are stored at the station itself, Hunt Hall, and music director Jenifre Tarkus’ home.

Gothard said that the KEOL club was once one of the largest clubs on campus. After a hiatus, they applied for active status as a club.

The club is planning a surprise special event for June 7, the end of dead week.

Stay tuned for further details.


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