Faculty Positions and Programs at Risk?

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By N. V. Jones & Stephen Tool

Arts & Entertainment Editor & Editor-In-Chief


Eastern Oregon University was in the process of seeking replacements for the following faculty positions:

Journalism/Media Arts





Special Education

A decision on a business position has not yet been made.

It is uncertain which of the searches are suspended at this time. The Voice attempted to contact Provost Steve Adkison on the matter. He did not respond to multiple emails from The Voice.

The Voice also contacted Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Steven Gammon. Gammon replied on April 10 that he had no knowledge of the proposed hiring freeze.

In an email to Editor-in-Chief Stephen Tool, Gammon wrote, “I am not the ‘right’ person at this point to have a discussion about funding cuts and such. To date, I have not been involved in any special conversations with the president or provost that provide any details or information on what the cuts might be and what programs will be eliminated.”

Adkison sent an email to the teaching faculty on April 2 that contained the following excerpt:

“As such, Bob (Davies) has asked for a university-wide hiring chill for new or unfilled vacant positions as part of our larger developing strategies for addressing these challenges.

Accordingly, I have directed our Deans to suspend all current searches, EXCEPT for those involving sabbatical and/or leave replacements. Given my discussions with Dan (Mielke) and Steve (Gammon), I want to assure you all that I do not take this action lightly and understand very concretely how this will impact each and every program area affected.”

EOU President Bob Davies sent an email to university employees on April 3. Below is an excerpt from that email:

“To meet the short-term constraints, I have implemented a hiring freeze for the remainder of the fiscal year for all positions with only a few exceptions. These exceptions include sabbatical replacements, interim positions that will realize no cost savings by not proceeding with a permanent hire, positions that are paid by sources outside of state-appropriated funding (i.e., student health fees or tied to foundation/private funds) and positions that meet extraordinary needs and circumstances that require an immediate hire.”

Davies continues, “Under the Sustainability Plan, we made significant and deep reductions in our classified and administrative faculty ranks—the bulk of the reductions that were actualized under this plan came from reductions and/or eliminations in these areas.”

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