Hungry Poets Presents A Night Of Verse

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Eastern Oregon University poetry students will present their original works to the public on Thursday, March 14 at 7 p.m. at Cook Memorial Public Library.

A Night of Verse is a charity event held by Professor David Axelrod’s Introduction to Poetry class to raise donations for EOU’s food drive, which is ongoing. To attend the event a donation of one can of food or money will be accepted at the door.

“This is a charitable event, and the students of EOU are performing both a civic and artistic responsibility,” Axelrod said.  “The class as a group want to make an effort to help out the community.”

Axelrod, who is known for his multiple efforts in bringing the arts to Union County and EOU in the form of the Ars Poetica series and “basalt” magazine, incorporated into his curriculum the opportunity for students to gain experience in art’s administration. The student poets, who named themselves “Hungry Poets” for the event, hope that their night of poetry will bring in many donations for the EOU food drive.

To find out more information on A Night of Verse, please contact David Axelrod, 541-963-9178.

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