Genetic Roulette Review

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Mission for Environmental and Social Awareness (MESA)

By  Mark Bristow

As our society grows, so does our knowledge in modifying plant organisms. We can selectively breed plants to be hardier and grow the best fruits. We can also do the opposite; selectively choose plants that cannot breed or can only be affected by certain types of chemicals. This is the story behind the movie “Genetic Roulette”. Modifications of our food supply are not always used for the well-being of the population.

The problem with Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s, is that they are structurally unpredictable due to constant insertion and cloning. This literally means that GMO’s are made by deleting certain genes and/or adding genes from a different species into an organism.

For example, due to one such modification, a new organism has been created. It is a fungus that exists in soy and sprayed with the pesticide Round Up. This fungus is not exactly an exciting discovery on its own, but it has been linked to reproductive failure in all mammals that come in contact with it— from livestock and consumers, to the workers that spray the crops.

Why does that matter? Should we not be able to point out such dangers and avoid them? Monsanto is a huge name in the food industry. They are the company that sells the majority of seeds and pesticide in the United States.

Presented to the public through high tech statistics and the Latin chemical compound names is the illusion that GMO’s are tested and deemed safe. Due to the company’s industry power and political expertise, it can create any science it so desires.

Monsanto has had, and continues to have, high ranking officials working solely on its behalf in the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is— and should be— important information to the consuming public.

The video unveils and unravels the “Monsanto illusion” and discusses the life and death situation of plants, livestock and humans when we produce and consume these “Frankenstein GMO’s.”

In the near future, MESA has plans to host a showing of “Genetic Roulette” in cooperation with Oregon Rural Action, on EOU’s campus.  Be sure to check it out! Oh and one more thing—you can bet we won’t be offering mutant popcorn.

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