KEOL Club Album of the Week Artist: Tom Selleck’s Mustache

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Album Title:  Heartbreak 101

Tracks:  (1) I Grow Tired (2) Dirty Whisper (3) Heartbreak 101 (4) Be Wrong (5) Song I Never Sung (6) On the Radio; (7) The Obscure (8) Lyndale (9) A Promise (10) First of Four

Casey:  The album Heartbreak 101 by Tom Selleck’s Mustache is a great album and just the title is enough to get someone hooked. The guitar and drums remind me of Green Day songs from years past and the lead singer has a very similar voice to that of Social Distortion’s lead singer. The thing that puts these guys apart from those bands is that they combine those aspects with a synthesizer and they do it well. A good example and my personal favorite is “Song I Never Sung” or Track 5. It is the perfect blend of Green Day ballad with Social Distortion voice and harmonies to go along with the synth. Overall a must have album and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Ikaika:  Tom Selleck’s Moustache’s Heartbreak 101 is broken up into four parts, outlining the process of lost love. Going from part one, The Great Divide, to part four, A Perfect Pair the listener joins the story teller on their journey through the “heartbreak.” The band presents a sound that lifts the listener to dance, yet relaxes the mind to a state of focus. What I’m trying to get at is the poppy sound is prominent enough to make you move, while you think ‘good riddance’ to all the people who have wronged you. The beautiful blend of guitar and keyboard with the vocal styling really gives an optimistic feel to the elongated story of heartache. Overall this was a fantastic listen, 4/5 would play it in the car.

Rocky:  I like it a lot because it was punk but not for being punk it truly was very listenable. Seemed to be written smartly about headaches and heartaches not to damn the man and be full of angst and rage like other punk outfits.

RoryHeartbreak 101 reminds me of the 80s and 90s music of such artists as Men at Work, Huey Lewis and the News, or The Cars.  More recent artists that have the same kind of sound are Imagine Dragons, The Republik, or even Mumford and Sons.  The songs here blend well to form a cohesive sound and story without major changes in style or instrumentation from track to track.  No screaming lunatics behind the mic or mind-blowing hard rock guitar solos here, just solid beat-driven pop rock with catchy tunes, decent hooks, and great harmonies.  If you favor light sounding “pop” oriented music, this band would definitely fit the bill.  If you like to study with a bit of music in the background and you can keep yourself from tapping your foot and singing along, this is a CD worth considering for your collection.  Even if you’re just a fan of bands like Men at Work, The Republik, or that kind of sound, give these guys a listen—it will be worth it.  I would rate it as a 4 on a scale of 5.

Tommy Hill:  I like how throughout the album it is a “really chill” experience.  Definitely love how I can sit down and enjoy a book and some tea while listening to this. The melodies add a chilling feeling sometimes where you just want to get lost into the void of calmness, while the bass soothes all your muscles down into a restful state of relaxation.

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