Country Guitar Hurricane

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Country music Larry Robb style. PHOTO BY: Robin Spangler

Boy howdy howdy! I’ve been electrified, countrified and country-fried. The Larry Robb band stormed the stage and blew the doors off of Ten Depot. They blazed their way through a smoking hot two-hour set.

The band opened the set with a smoldering “Ring of Fire” and the intensity never let up through the rest of the night.

Robb’s band plays traditional country served up hot and tasty as biscuits and gravy. This night the music of Johnny Cash dominated but Robb and company had plenty of other country classics up their sleeves.

Robb has a crack band sound beginning with his own fine twanging on his sliver sparkle Telecaster.

Tim Erickson, drummer for all seasons, pounded the skins while Eliot McKinnon held down the beat with his rock-solid bass playing.

Mighty Luke McKern, a phenomenal guitarist, played co-lead guitar. I think you could drop McKern in the most remote village in the world and he could pick up a native instrument and play it as if he lived there all his life; he’s that good of a musician.

Larry Robb. PHOTO BY: Robin Spangler

The audience was on fire as well. Once the band tore into “Two More Bottles of Wine,” the dance floor never emptied and each song elicited more shouts and hollers than the last.

It was particularly gratifying to see so many young people kicking up their heels on the dance floor and whoopin’ and hollerin’. Maybe Blake Shelton should think twice before opening his mouth about young people and “grandpa’s music.”

The Larry Robb Band plays country music the way it should be played, with twin Fender guitars and amps turned up loud enough to know it’s serious. Robb’s rendition of country classics are played with the proper amount of reverence but thoughtfully reworked enough to make them his own.

Case in point: Robb’s version of Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally”—a country song to my ears. During the guitar break, while Robb and McKern dexterously weaved lead guitar lines, the song morphed into a beautiful take on the Allman Brothers “Jessica” and seamlessly back again.

I’ll take it over the original.

The two-hour set was over too soon as Robb and company wrung every last drop of water out of Johnny Cash’s “Big River.”

I’d leave my horse at home and walk a country mile in cowboy boots to hear the Larry Robb Band. That’s about as high a recommendation as I give.

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