A Season in Focus. Here Come the Playoffs.

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By Mike Gattavara

The Voice sat down to talk with EOU men’s basketball player, Michael Craine. Craine, a junior wing from Glenns Ferry, ID, stands 6’4” and is a transfer from Walla Walla Community College.

Craine gave insight into the team that we may or may not see from game to game. Prior to the start of the season the team sat down together to set out both team oriented goals and individual goals. The main goal was to come away with a championship.

The EOU Men’s basketball team started off strong, winning some 15 games before losing their first one of the season. EOU then rattled off an extended winning streak of 12 games before losing their second.

Craine said that the team, during the early winning streak, “didn’t let the winning get to our heads.” He also discussed the team’s first loss, a 72-68 battle to Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

Craine said, “It was sort of a wake-up call, we weren’t invincible, we had to regroup.”  He described the atmosphere after the game as relatively quiet until someone spoke up and a constructive conversation ensued.

EOU’s second loss came at home to the College of Idaho with a final score of 83-82. Craine said that the loss “refocused the team.”

The team’s third loss was at the hands of Warner Pacific University in Oregon and occurred just one week after the team’s second loss. The score was 70-72.

Craine epitomizes the sense of value within the organization by stating that, “If we’re going to lose we’re going to lose together. The sense of closeness [within the team] is high.”

The EOU team that Head Coach Isaac Williams has built is represented by Michael Craine as a team with high esteem and ability.

Michael Craine described William’s role within the organization as “similar to a father figure. He recruited everyone on the team.”

Craine made it clear that the continuity of the team is one of the most powerful characteristics developed throughout the season.

Before the interview ended, Craine made a point to say that “we also have assistant coaches who I don’t think get enough credit.” Craine was referring to coaches Josh Cottle and Jeremy Harden.

Cottle played for EOU as recently as a few years ago and Harden comes to EOU from Arizona, where he was in contact with coach Isaac Williams.

The team’s current record is 27-3

The first EOU Men’s basketball playoff game is on Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. in Quinn Coliseum against the Oregon Institute of Technology. Tickets are free for students.


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