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It’s a Hater’s, Hater’s, Hater’s World


You know the old saying about the squeaky wheel getting the grease? In today’s world we can change it to something along the lines of the most belligerent wheel gets the grease.

That’s the impression I get watching and reading the media of late. With recent school shootings and attempts to reform gun control laws, the crazies are really crawling out of the woodwork.

I’m not even talking about Alex Jones on Piers Morgan turning into a raving lunatic on air. Talk radio people are paid to act like buffoons and they act that way on radio and television so their advertisers and listeners know they’re getting their money’s worth.

I’m talking about haters that claim the latest school shooting was staged in a government plot to take our Second Amendment rights. Or what about the other bozos who think gay people wanting equal rights with the rest of the citizenry are responsible for 9/11?

Isn’t it unfair that conservatives hog all the glory for themselves while liberals sit on the sideline whining about the lack of coverage they’re getting? Well, praise be to the gods of politics, because liberals are getting off their lazy asses to show they can be as good a haters as anyone.

I noticed this two weekends ago when I attended a symposium in Cove. Various representatives from the Oregon State Extension Office, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and a representative of ranching interests discussed the state of affairs with the wolf issue.

The event was billed as non-confrontational and to my surprise, considering the subject matter, it was. In fact, the only belligerence I heard was from several anonymously submitted questions to the participants.

These questions were obviously framed by environmental types as ranchers were questioned about their rights to graze on government land—not exactly the subject matter at hand.

It was also mentioned that at least in one case, wolves known without a doubt to habitually prey on livestock had their state-ordained executions halted by do-gooder lawsuits.

All right, guys, way to hate on the ranchers and livestock!

The one that really takes the cake though is the aftermath of the suicide of young Jadin Bell. What happened to that boy is a terrible tragedy. Although he did not leave a note, nearly everyone who knew the boy well said he was horribly bullied on and off school grounds and probably even on facebook.

No doubt about it, that’s about as hateful as it gets—but it’s not over yet. Even people who tried to step in and help ended up being bullied themselves, and not by who you’d think.

Case in point: The La Grande High School Principal, Andrea Waldrop. N.V. Jones and I spent some time talking with Ms. Waldrop and school counselor Chelsee Rohan about the issue. We were frankly impressed that as soon as they were made aware of the issue by Jadin and his mother, they took immediate steps to rectify it. Jadin’s mother Lola Lathrop confirmed this.

Imagine our shock when we heard from Ms. Waldrop that she was the recipient of hate mail from all over. I’m pretty sure the hate mail isn’t from right-wing groups complaining about ill treatment of the gay population.

I occasionally get some flak from friends on both sides of the political aisle who think I lean a little too far to the left or right depending on their respective political view which tells me I’m square in the middle.

That’s fine with me, because right now I’m damn sick and tired of the lot of you.

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