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Tax Frustration


Tuesday, Feb. 3, I spent most of my morning trying to get in touch with someone on the Turbo Tax online helpline (supposedly a Tax Expert) to tell me why it is that my federal tax return is still pending, but my state return has been accepted.

I spent an hour waiting in the queue. By the time I was 8th in line, I was ready to pull my hair out—but I persevered.

Finally I was connected to someone and I said, “Hello!”

Five minutes later, Jasmyne B. responded.

Below is an excerpt of our conversation—one that took almost as long as my wait in line did:

Nichole Jones: Basically I just want to know if everything is ok? I received a text message stating my state tax return was rejected, so I got online and fixed it and my federal. Now my state is accepted but my federal is still pending…that doesn’t make sense to me.
04_Jasmyne B: Can your (yes, she actually typed “your”) verify you ssn please?
Nichole Jones: #########. Married filing jointly with my husband’s ssn as primary.
Nichole Jones: ###-##-####
04_Jasmyne B: ok just a moment while I look further into this for you]
Nichole Jones: thank you, Jasmyne B.

35 minutes later….

04_Jasmyne B: I’m going to have to transfer you over to another department so they can look you up in our system because our system is down right now

Are you freaking kidding me? She wasn’t.

Jasmine B. ended the session and that was it. There was no transfer to another department and no further information was provided.

So, Turbo Tax or the IRS, or both this year are having major issues. I read in comments that it has something to do with a “glitch in the system” regarding education credits (form 8863).

Shay1572003 posted, “I obtained this message from the IRS. GOV website regarding the 8863 Form…Taxpayers using this form can begin filing their tax returns in mid-February after the IRS updates its processing systems.”

Tonyawest393 posted, “Wow….that’s a smack!!! You would think the IRS would update their systems in the off seasons….what do they do from April 16th to Jan. 30th???”

Good question, Tonyawest393!

Lamadregato replied, “They were waiting for congress to get their crap together. The reason why IRS couldn’t process any returns until the 30th is because they had to wait for congress to decide on certain tax issues before they could pass them onto us. We are continuing to wait because the IRS is still trying to string together the pile that the government has left for all of us.”

There were hundreds of these kinds of conversations on Turbo Tax’s message boards. Too many for the staff to keep up with, I’m sure.

My advice is: don’t file early; wait until after February because the IRS and/or Turbo Tax is backlogged right now and can’t seem to get things together.

It’s disappointing and frustrating, but, as another commenter posted, “Patience is a virtue.”

Too bad I’m not virtuous.

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