Motherly Smotherings

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This is the last issue to come out before Thanksgiving break. I can already smell the turkey roasting in the oven, see the pies lining the counters, and can’t wait to say, “Please pass the mashed potatoes.”

There is nothing like the feeling of a home warmed by an oven that has been on all day and the sounds of family coming together after too long apart. This is why I am saddened when I think of the students who won’t be going home for the holidays

Do you know someone who can’t go home for Thanksgiving; perhaps your roommate or a roommate of a friend? Imagine, for a moment, missing out on hot baked rolls with melting butter atop them, pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream, and grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce. Think on how grateful you’d feel to be able experiencing the wonders of a family gathered around a food laden table, holding hands to say grace or just giving thanks for friends, family, and well-cooked food.

If you know someone who plans on spending this Thanksgiving holiday alone, invite them to join you and let them share in the experience. If you receive such an invitation, don’t be afraid to accept it. The giver wouldn’t have invited you if they did not want you there.

Those who will be staying on campus for the holidays, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, could gather together and celebrate the making of new friends. Go, enjoy the holiday, make some memories, and maybe…start a new tradition of your own.

Whatever you decide to do during the holiday break, I hope you spend it doing something you enjoy with those of like mind.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. I want to give a special shout out to La Grande High School’s J.V. Football team and their coaches. Congratulations Greater Oregon League Champs! You worked damn hard for it, revel in your success!

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