Brian Griffings plays at the Ale House

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Everytime a musician steps out on the stage that person is baring their soul for public scrutiny. If it’s Madison Square Garden or Mt. Emily’s Ale House, the musician is on display.
That’s what makes these kinds of reviews difficult to write.
Griffings is a singer-songwriter from Spokane, Washington. He had the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.time slot at Mt. Emily’s last Saturday, March. 3.
Griffings, looking disheveled, arrived at least a half hour late. The better part of a half hour after that he finally took the stage.
I wish I could say that was the worst part of the evening.

I wonder if being late affected his performance and sound system. I’m rating the evening’s performance as slipshod-and that’s being charitable.
The sound system interplay between Griffing’s voice and guitar was completely out of balance. The substandard tone coming from Griffing’s acoustic guitar and amplifier showed a clear lack of expertise in this area. A knowledgeable musician can make a $100 Ibanez guitar sound pretty decent.
Griffings isn’t a bad guitar player and he’s a passable singer. After performing several of his own songs he received only tepid applause.

He tried switching gears and played several classics including “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry”, “Ghost Riders” and “Ring of Fire”. Griffings sang the last third of Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” in a veritable screech. More tepid applause followed. I left shortly afterward.
I hope I caught Griffings on a bad night. After Saturday’s performance I wouldn’t be up for a Griffings return engagement-unless someone else is buying the beer.
Reprinted with permission of the La Grande Observer

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