Standard Deviation

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The joint was jumpin' at Ten Depot Feb. 2 where Standard Deviation played a rocking two hour set.
For starters, Standard Deviation plays classic rock and blues in a piano, guitar, bass and drums lineup.
The band started off with “Smokin' in the Boy's Room,” which sounded a bit tentative to my ears. Perhaps the band collectively revisited an incident from their youth. By the third song, a cover of Dave Dudley's “Six Days on the Road,” the band found their groove. Dancers poured onto the floor and stayed there the rest of the evening.
John Evans plays piano and handles most of the vocal duties. Mike Gregory plays great Fender bass and sings some vocals. Joel Goldstein anchors the band by playing drums and sings some vocals as well. Guitar is played by Jon White. Pops and squeals erupting from White's Parker Fly guitar indicated his dedication to the ZZ Top school of guitar. No need for a rhythm guitarist.
The band ripped through a variety of rock classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s. No slow dancing allowed on this night.
The band advertises their music as danceable, which includes their blues numbers. Most would be unrecognizable compared to the originals.
 Young musicians take note: These middle-aged musicians started on time and took no breaks during the evening; a band with a work ethic.
The negative department of criticism is pretty slim for this evening. The mix was uneven at times--nothing a good sound person couldn't fix.
For a night of danceable, straight-ahead rock and roll, Standard Deviation is your ticket. Their version of “Born to be Wild” is good as the original.
Incidentally, neither “Sweet Home Alabama” nor “Free Bird” raised their weary heads!
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