The Seasons Beginning

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By Seth Mendel

Voice Staff Writer


A few weeks ago the EOU science building held a raffle/movie showing of “The Art of Flight.” A recent and impressive installment of extreme Snowboarding at its finest. Being a new face here at EOU, it was encouraging to see the outdoor department put the extra effort into this particular showing.

I had heard through word of mouth that a raffle for a free seasons pass was going to be held at EOU. Being a prior Anthony Lakes Snowboard instructor during my high school years, I’m no stranger to the mountain and this sounded like an awesome chance to have a free ride this Season. At first I was feeling fairly confident that the prize might be within my grasp as I observed only a handful of students sitting in the Theater.

However, five students morphed into twenty, and then thirty. I could feel my chances slowly slipping away. As the fates (and the odds) would have it, the individual who bought a literal handful of tickets, opposed to the average student who bought two or three, took home the prize, along with a slew of smaller, less mentionable prizes.

The day was not a complete loss however as I was able to slip away with a rather nice pair of snow socks and a tangible renewed vigor for the upcoming season.

Representatives from Anthony Lakes had also come to this showing offering students the opportunity to order their passes early for the very reasonable price of one hundred and ninety nine dollars. This is less than half the price of the basic season pass, which for an adult ends up being four hundred and seventy five dollars.

Anyone who missed this chance and would still like to purchase a ticket, fear not, you have till December 17, according to Anthony Lakes website. After that, the price for students will shift to three hundred and ninety five dollars.

Congratulations again to the individuals who organized this particular event. It was fun, informative, and it was a good representation of what students would like to see more of here at Eastern Oregon University.

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