Outdoor Program Provides Wilderness Opportunities for EOU Students

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Maybe you’re a new student at EOU and you really love the outdoors. The problem is, you’re new to the area. You know northeastern Oregon is beautiful and you would love to hike, but you don’t know where to start.

Well look no further than EOU’s very own Outdoor Program. That’s right; EOU has its very own Outdoor Program and they’ll be happy to help you out.

At the moment, the Outdoor Department is located in Hoke Union Building, about halfway down the left side of the hallway that’s opposite of the EOU bookstore. But don’t let its concealed location fool you. Inside is a virtual treasure den of outdoor equipment and even multitudes of outdoor magazines, hiking guides, and even a few DVDs.

Although the office is presently undergoing renovations, it is fully staffed and the walls are lined with everything from wetsuits, bicycles, skis, snowshoes and more similar equipment. Best of all, equipment rental is free if you’re a fee-paying student.

Gerald Isaak, recently from Edinburgh, Scotland, is the program’s new coordinator and he has big plans ahead. The program has already hosted several events including bike rides, day hikes and rock climbing.

Upcoming events include a January winter wellness week. This includes classes in winter recreation.  Cross-country skiing and snowshoe use are among the topics on the agenda.

Two INTACT class offerings by the program include Wilderness First Aid and a course on understanding avalanche hazards.

Whether you’re interested in backpacking, skiing, or whitewater rafting; Gerald and his staff are ready to help with equipment rental and answers to your questions.

If you’re still reading this, get out of your chair and head on down to Hoke 102. They’re waiting for you.

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