Richard III came to EOU

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By Kendra Kuust

News & Features Editor


EOU’s theater club performed a modern twist of William Shakespeare’s Richard III on Nov. 9-12 in McKenzie Theater in Loso Hall.

“We wanted to make the story relevant to today, so Richard isn’t just a prince trying to gain the crown of England,” Wheeler explains. “We’ve updated the story and now Richard is the vice president of York, Industries, and he’s fighting to be the president and CEO of this international corporation. Once he reaches the top, his struggle becomes maintaining and keeping his power, while all those around him are striving for a hostile takeover.”

EOU has not performed Richard III play, but it is Wheeler’s second production of this play.

Leading the cast is Daniel Wagner as Richard. Others include Erin Zelazny, McKenzie Miller, Tanya Trottier, Thorman Hulse, Caite Debevec, Bryn McLaughlin, Rick Mugrage, Jakarra Sanders, Cody Wyld Flower, Joshua Gilman, Jordan Wallis, Michael Cooper, Ari Bloodgood, Israel Bloodgood, Joshua Cornwell, Audra Hughes, Caleb Hulsey, Adraine Jacobs, Jacob Mitchell, Alex Mitzimberg, Jeanie Nickel, Caleb Stavenger, Nicole Terrill, Krysta Theisen, Sabrina Koors, Luke Bloodgood, Shane Morgan, Brianna Troutman, Avalon Bloodgood, Liam Bloodgood, Mackenzie Oliver, Seth Freeman, Tesse Suiaunoa and Shannon Hartley.

Audiences will also be treated to a major twist. Jakarra Sanders, who plays Queen said, “Overall, it’s been a great experience and I, for one am hoping all of our hard work pays off and that the audience loves it.”

The various scene changes include a fitness center, a women’s spa and another on a golf course. The royal court sequences take place in an executive boardroom and all the characters have their laptops, iPads and iPhones; plus an airport scene with a paparazzo trying to snap a photograph of the heir to the international corporation.

Special note to the audiences: during the performance a strobe light will be used. Please act according to your personal needs.


The cast of Richard III


Each performance will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are 10 dollars for general admission and 5 dollars for EOU students and senior citizens. To make reservations call the EOU Theatre Box Office at 541-962-3757.

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