Letter to the Editor (Nov. 10, 2011)

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Before you trash someone on the front page of your paper, you should have a conversation with them to at least attempt to gather some factual information.  Your reporter is obviously ignorant of equine behavior, safety responsibilities, and the risks involved in riding a horse on concrete during a parade, not to mention the history of the two EOU clubs that he is criticizing.

Oh, and by the way, the individuals in the photo are not the Dance Team.  It is President Bob Davies and his daughter Katie.


Annette Williams

EOU Polo Club Adviser

Annette Williams

Administrative Assistant

EOU Division of Athletics and Recreation

Quinn 126



Dear Reader,

The remark was made half in jest as a side note to an actual comment I heard on the subject from a parade observer. Furthermore, I understand that another editor made repeated attempts to contact the polo club regarding its current state of affairs. No reply was received from the polo club.

-The Editor

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